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The Trans-Tasman novel, 'The Sea Between', has been chosen for consideration for a possible film script at the Berlin Film Festival 2012.


Coming in 2012: A Quintessential Love Affair: a collection of recent short fiction set in Australia and New Zealand. Be among the first to read the announcement here.


The Last Party and other stories is now in paperback.

Available at and wherever good  books are sold online.

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The Last Party and other stories recently climbed to a super ranking on Amazon:


The Frankfurt Book Fair is a meeting place for industry professionals, be they publishers, agents, authors or booksellers. This year I am accessing this global event where, for a moderate fee, three of my novels will be included on the display stand of the Australian Self Publishing Group.

Writing a book is one thing; promoting it quite another. Without the open channels to book shop and library orders, self publishers struggle to attract awareness of their work. The chance of being picked up by a translator, web outlet or even a traditional publisher seems too good to miss. More details of this event can be seen at

Between the 12th-16th October, 2011, I will have my fingers crossed. Wish me luck!



As a writer of fiction, I try to keep personal opinion in the background, enabling my characters to tell their own stories. However, life sometimes asks me to stand up and be counted. This week, in relation to the Live Export issue, the Newcastle Herald gave my Letter to the Editor prime space. I reprint the text here, hoping that while animals continue to suffer in their thousands, people will not forget their plight and will continue to rally on their behalf.


A Little Humanity Please.

     My local MP’s letter states animals exported live are shipped safely and killed humanely. Meanwhile, 67000 sheep destined for the Middle East have had to be returned to Adelaide after their broken-down carrier failed. 300 of the animals have already died; the rest are stranded in quarantine.

     While both governments were declaring their support for the live export trade, conscious cattle were shown hanging up by their legs while their throats were cut. Photos revealed sheep thrown about like bales of hay and stuffed in car boots.

     For many people this will be an election issue. It will be for me. Two weeks ago, 10,000 Australians marched in favour of banning live export. Globally, a petition signed by 170,000 members of the World Society for the Protection of Animals was presented to our parliament.

     Overruled Labor backbenchers now propose another motion restricting exports only to countries that will stun animals before slaughter. Will caucus agree? New Zealand examined this issue and banned live exports in 2007.  Animals feel pain and fear just as we do. How can we harden our hearts to suffering? We cannot control the behaviour of other cultures but we can process our own animals humanely.




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