Early novels and short stories

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The City Far from Home

They are leaving home for many reasons - holiday-makers and honeymooners, missionaries, young people working overseas, the sick and the elderly forced from their homes by increasing dependence. Their destinations are varied; cruise ships, international hotels, colourful Pacific ports, drab institutions.  Alone, they must take their personal crises to the inner city of the self, and their paths lead through self-discovery to acceptance and peace.

Is That Love?

The reader meets hopeful lovers in many guises.  Some love passionately or hopelessly while others follow the quiet path of duty and long term commitment.  Not all can win the prize, but they may earn a glimpse of understanding that will stay with them forever.

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The Fledgling

What makes Clodagh, a responsible single librarian,kidnap her young friend's baby? A touching story of need, possessiveness and letting go.

The Love Contract

He saw her expression, afraid. He kissed her face. "Let's go to bed." Kate, equipped with embroidered pillowslips and youthful daydreams, confronts the realities
 of marriage and herself.

The Fringe of Heaven

Titirangi's bush is the setting where Olga, nonconformist, tender sprite, beguiling spirit, lives her own free life but unwittingly stifles others with love.

                            Dark Places, Deep Regions


Drawn along by their yearnings, husbands and wives, lovers and friends, tentative virgins, the old and the decrepit open and close to one another like delicate sea creatures.

16 short stories

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