A New Zealand writer who has lived in Australia since 1986, Margaret Sutherland has published eleven novels and several collections of short stories. Her credits include the Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award, the New Zealand Scholarship in Letters and two Australia Council Fellowships. Her fiction has received a number of awards and accolades.

  With her husband Bill Chaplin she runs a music teaching practice in Lake Macquarie, New South Wales.

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Sutherland's language is spare, but her voice is consistently strong, unusual, and gifted.  

Publisher's Weekly 

Seven Little Words

Australian romance writer Cathy Carruthers avoids men in the wake of a painful break-up, but when she meets award-winning literary novelist David Hillier, neither can resist their powerful mutual desire. Her ex is hunting her down, and her grandmother's serious accident means Cathy is landed with a slew of responsibilities, including care of a tiny courageous chihuahua, Pixel.

Meanwhile, David has his own problems: writer's block, the challenge of finding acceptable housing for his father, and care of his father's elderly devoted guide dog. Pressures build on the couple. Can they build a life together?

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Her Valentine Romance

Nurse Caitlin meets Will Bradshaw at a romantic masquerade while on holiday in Sydney. 

They seem to be a good match, but does her past hide something he can never accept?

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The Taj Mahal of Trundle

In this quirky Australian-set novel of country life, unexpected friendships, spiritual seeking and the power of love offset the dramas of life in a small-town community. 

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A New England Romance

In this moving story of romance, love and memory, three lives will never be the same. 

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Margaret Sutherland is a keen observer of human qualities and behaviour, and she doesn’t shy away from or disguise the less pleasant bits of social interaction.

   Ian Mathie, Amazon Reviews 

     Her graceful descriptions bring to life both the landscape and the people who inhabit it. 

Kirkus Reviews 

Saving Shelby Summers

Australian Shelby Summers struggles with traumas from her past. She’s rescued from death by a mysterious stranger, but is her luck about to change or will the past prevent her from living a life filled with love?

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 The Sea Between

A big cast, historical novel set in New Zealand and Australia. Go with the Butler family across oceans and deep into the mysteries of the heart, as they traverse twenty years of war, the flapper generation and the Great Depression.

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A Quintessential Love Affair

Empathy and humour mark this sampler of memoir, short stories and extracts from four Australian novels. 

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