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Nothing but the Best

What secrets linger in the dilapidated cottage surgeon Philip Novak inherits from the absent father he was taught to hate? Why had the man surfaced now, throwing Philip’s rational mind into turmoil?

Philip wants to get rid of the property and Natalie is delighted to offer her expertise to assist him, hoping that working together will bring them closer.

But Philip is unable to satisfy Natalie’s desire for the social life her vibrant nature craves, preferring to bury himself in his work rather than face the dilemmas the cottage evokes, and Natalie turns elsewhere for assistance and solace. A serious medical crisis forces both of them to take stock of their lives and discover whether their love will blossom or if it was only a physical attraction they share. 

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Saving Shelby Summers

Shelby Summers has serious problems. A mysterious stranger, a demanding boss, a lost child and two stray dogs are only the beginning …

During a wild storm, Shelby is rescued by a mysterious stranger who then disappears, leaving no way for her to thank him. The man haunts her memory. At twenty-two, she is trying to understand why she attracts men who don’t respect her. Her traumatic adolescence has left scars. How can she become assertive and find a loving partner?

Fate brings Shelby and her rescuer together again. Nathan Monroe, a country veterinarian, has reluctantly moved to the city with his four-year-old daughter Caity. He needs to begin life again after a personal tragedy.

When he offers Shelby employment as a nanny for Caity, she is hopeful. Might she even build a life with this enigmatic man, his daughter, and the two stray dogs that need a home? Shelby must make a confronting choice. It is time to claim her personal strength, and face her worst fear of all.

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Valentine Masquerade

New Year’s Eve is hot and sultry—in more ways than one, when tall, handsome Prince of Lochac fixes the newest lady in his court with a magnetic gaze, and crosses the hall to bow to her.
Who can say no to a prince—especially a charmer like Will Bradshaw? Caitlin has to wonder, when people mention his reputation.
Will wonders too. It’s been seven years since his divorce. This means he might have found the woman he can place on a pedestal, high above the hurts of the past.
There are a couple of problems. What if the one ill-judged mistake of Caitlin’s past happens to be the single fault he can’t accept? Will must find a way to overcome emotional conflict. Caitlin must deal with her lack of trust, which surges as jealousy and fear when she’s about to lose the love of her life.

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More formats available at Sweet Cravings Publishing.

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Margaret Sutherland is a New Zealand writer who has lived in Australia since 1986. She has published eleven novels and several collections of short stories. Her credits include the Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award, the New Zealand Scholarship in Letters and two Australia Council Fellowships. Her stories have been included in many anthologies; most recently in The Civically Engaged Reader (Great Books Foundation of America, 2006.) In 2009 she won a national literary award for her short story, The Camphor Laurel. With her husband Bill Chaplin she runs a music teaching practice in Lake Macquarie, New South Wales.

A New England Romance

In this contemporary adult romance, three lives are disrupted when Martin Ainsworth, disgraced English teacher, retreats to his New England hometown of Armidale, in Australia. Martin’s plan—a reflective spell while he pulls his life into shape—is overturned when he accidentally meets Annie Marshall, his first love all those years ago. Now she is a wife and mother. But Annie has a secret she wants to share with Martin, who is uneasy with family life and resents the arrival of his resentful teenage son.
Confused, Martin tries to escape in a sexual interlude with his attractive landlady, Sara Carmody. Sara is everything Annie is not—cool, fashionable and financially secure. With her home, her horses and her lovable Border Collie, Sara’s life is sorted … except Sara has a secret of her own.
Torn between solving the problems of the Marshall family, Sara’s stepdaughter, and Martin’s teenage son, Martin has to decide between love and logic. In this moving story of romance, love and memory, three lives will never be the same.

Seven Little Words

After a painful break-up, budding romance writer Cathy Carruthers is avoiding men. So what happens when she meets successful Australian literary novelist, David Hillier, at his country writing workshop? Good-looking David’s a bachelor with problems. His writing’s blocked, his blind father’s in respite care and David has to care for his retired guide dog, Banquo. He has absolutely no time for a relationship.

Meanwhile Cathy’s past partner hunts her down, her grandmother’s ill and Cathy is landed with Pixel, a tiny dog with the heart of a lion. David and Cathy can’t resist the powerful desire that at first overrides their problems. But pressures build and lead to conflict and friction. It felt like love. Was it just a passionate affair? Cathy’s a stronger woman now. Eventually she faces a choice. Must she send the man of her dreams away? Fortunately there’s a solution from a most unexpected quarter.

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